FBI: Kidnapping suspect may drive through Houston


Authorities in Mobile say Ailene Lander allegedly was abducted by her stepfather, Charles Partin, also known as "Dean" on Wednesday afternoon. Lander's mother, Julie Bethke may also be accompanying them.

They say Partin took the 15-year-old as she was being escorted by a state worker to a medical facility for an appointment and may be headed for Mexico.

Ailene was wearing a white shirt and white/pink shorts. Her hair color may have now been altered to appear blonde. In addition to the immediate danger her abduction has placed her in, authorities are not disclosing Landers' privileged medical information but have confirmed information obtained during this investigation suggests the victim may also be in medical danger.

Partin, 36, was last seen wearing a baseball cap, dark colored shirt and dark jeans. He is a truck driver with carpentry skills. He has previously been convicted of motor vehicle theft. Both Charles Partin and Julie Bethke currently have active warrants for arrest for their participation in the abduction.

FBI officials think they could be driving through this area. They are believed to have fled the scene and immediate area in a two-tone light blue over dark blue 1994 Mercury Villager older model Van but may likely have discarded this vehicle and may be driving a blue, green or blue/green Toyota minivan. No other descriptors available.

Use the 1-800-CALL-FBI tip line if you spot Ailene or the suspect's vehicle.

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