Sextuplets go home as we welcome quintuplets


Six siblings, together for the first time.Heading out of the hospital after baby sister Leah spent four and half months there recovering from two intestine surgeries.

"It's exciting and a little nerve wracking, too, to have six, and she has some special needs and that makes it a little more challenging," said Lauren Perkins, the mother of the sextuplets.

Lauren and her husband David Perkins found with just five they needed a little help at home.

"I could handle two and three by myself if I had to, but once we got to four, I needed help," she said.

"Home is very much like organized chaos. Not only do we have a lot of kids but we also have a lot of adults helping us out at home," David said.

They have family and friends who volunteer to help, and the family has survived because they're so organized.

And there's more. As the sextuplets were finally going home, the Plauche quintuplets were born at the Texas Children's Pavilion for Women.

"We just had a whole bunch of different emotions. We were excited, we were scared," their mother, Sarah Plauche, said.

"I started off shocked and then I was kinda excited," Bruce Plauche said.

The Plauche's quints were born 11 days ago and weighed between 2 pounds 4 ounces and 2 pounds 9 ounces.

"We were a little bit worried when they came out at 28 weeks because there are still a lot of risks that involved there but so far they've come through every obstacle," Bruce Plauche said.

Their doctors say they are critical but doing well for being so premature.

"Each one is a blessing even though it's gonna be hard, we're just so excited to have all five," Sarah Plauche said.

There were eighty mothers who had five or more babies at one time in 2009 - the latest year for which these numbers were available from the centers for disease control.

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