HPD: Stabbing suspect shot, killed by officers


The family was having a party before a planned wedding this weekend. Now we are learning more about what happened before that shooting.

Three people were rushed to the hospital after being stabbed in the street on Nagle near Leeland overnight. Two of the stabbing victims are related to the deceased suspect. One was his brother and the other was his father. No information has been released on the third victim.

"A little while later the cops showed up and I was looking out my window and I heard like two gunshots," said one witness.

A weekend meant for celebrating turned to tragedy for family and friends who gathered here in this town home complex near downtown for a party.

"I heard the shots. I was right here halfway when I heard the shots," said Vincent Zamarron.

Witnesses tell us they heard commotion outside then several gunshots.

"The ruckus out there, it was chaotic. There was a lot of people coming up and down the streets," Zamarron said.

Police say they received several 911 calls moments after the suspect stabbed three people. When officers arrived on scene, they ordered the man to drop his knife. Instead of obeying the order, they say the suspect charged at them.

"One of the officers, in fear for his safety and that of his partner, discharged his duty weapon, striking the suspect," said HPD spokesperson Kese Smith. "The suspect then continued to charge aggressively towards the officers. The second officer then discharged his duty weapon, striking the suspect who was pronounced dead on the scene."

Vincent Zamarron tells us the officers prompt response only saved others from the suspect, who also appeared to be carrying a 2x4.

"To me, when he showed up I think he just saved a lot of stuff from happening, 'cause it was really bad," he said.

Others in the area say they moved to this neighborhood because they wanted to safe place to live.

"When I moved back here I wanted to live in an area with a low crime rate, but obviously that's not true. It can happen anywhere," said Latrice Sturges.

The identity of the 26-year-old victim shot and killed by police has not been released yet. We do know that he is from California. An autopsy is expected to be performed sometime later Friday.

Police say the two officers involved in the shooting are now on administrative leave as is standard protocol.

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