Neighbors worried after crime spike in Sharpstown


Neighbors in the area say they are afraid. They say these crooks are not just targeting property. They say the bold thieves are now attacking people.

"Strange people gawking around who don't belong to the neighborhood," neighbor "Domingo" said. "I've been seeing these types of things, and we are worried."

Neighbors in the Sharpstown area off Guilford and Roos streets tell me they are frightened and on edge. They say they've been worried and warning one another about a recent rash of crimes hitting this subdivision in the last couple of weeks.

Neighbors say unknown crooks have been busy breaking into cars and burglarizing several homes. They say some families have even been terrorized in their homes at gunpoint.

Residents add that this week an elderly woman was pushed into some bushes and nearly sexually assaulted, until a neighbor heard her screams for help.

Neighbors say asking Precinct 5 constables to increase patrols in their community doesn't seem to be enough. Some neighbors say they are taking security one step further.

Neighbor Rosalie Fielder said, "Just in the last two weeks, there's been a series of crimes. When they are pulling guns and raping women, you know, everybody here is going out and getting guns now. We're frightened."

In addition to Houston police, neighbors say their homeowners association used to contract Harris County Precinct 5 constables for extra patrol. A spokesman from the Precinct 5 Constable's Office tells Eyewitness News the HOA ended that agreement, canceling the contract service last month.

Neighbors say they are being vigilant by doing their own street patrols watching for any suspicious activity.

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