Minute Maid Park may soon undergo a makeover for Astros


For long-time Astros fans, change isn't always a good thing.

"I like the Astros, I like the colors, I like them being in the National League," said fan Bruce Howarton.

But more changes are coming. Team President George Postolos told the Harris County Sports Authority Thursday that the team's current colors, jersey, and yes, even Junction Jack the mascot, will soon be distant memories.

"We've heard from our fans that they'd like to see some changes and we're trying to figure out the ones that are going to improve the experience for them and enhance the Houston Astros," Postolos said.

But one potential change the 'Stros aren't willing to talk about is the Minute Maid train. The team's new billboards already obscure the view of the iconic train. It's a move that's been controversial.

"I guess it was a way for them to make some money, so they put it up there, but I don't like them. It kinda takes away from the scenery back there too. Hopefully they'll bring them down," said fan Adam Dhachere.

But Postolos Thursday, even when asked by the Sports Authority board, would not talk about the future of the train itself.

"I'm here today to just answer the Sports Authority's questions and they just asked about our current plans," Postolos said. "And as I told them we're just covering our current plans. So we'll leave future plans for another day."

Sports Authority Board President Kenny Friedman says while the Astros didn't get prior approval before adding the new billboards, he's convinced any train change wouldn't be a surprise.

"I would be stunned if the Astros tried to do anything with the train without talking to us about it first. I just can't imagine that happening," Friedman said.

A lot of fans we talked to said with Minute Maid Park at the site of the old Union Station it would make sense for the train to stay put.

In November, the Astros said they will announce a new team logo, team colors and a new mascot.

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