University of Houston considering smoking ban


It's a beautiful day at the University of Houston and some can't help but light up.

"I don't see why not. It's good stress relief," student Leo Castallanos said.

As of now, you can smoke 25 feet from any campus building. But that could all change in January.

"I think going to a tobacco-free campus is our responsibility. I think not having cigarettes available to be purchased is the right thing to do for us," director Floyd Robinson said.

Robinson says the university plans on easing in the change. At first, there will be 25 smoking stations around campus. Plus, the university plans to offer free smoking cessation programs.

"Our purpose is not to serve as a vigilante and say oh my goodness you're smoking and you're going to lose your job or your status as a student," he said.

Many like the proposal.

"Every time I pass by, it's really toxic and bad for your health," student Michelle Vidal said.

But not everybody supports the idea. This is the latest issue of the campus newspaper. The headline reads 'SGA against campus smoking ban.'

In a new resolution, the Student Government Association says the proposal infringes on student freedom.

"I talked with one of my co-workers and he's like why are you doing this, it's not fair because you can't take smoking breaks without leaving campus," student Doug Hanson said.

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