Wrecker driver wrestles gator on Magnolia road


Richard Wible says he saw a 4-foot long gator in the middle of the road in Magnolia. He called wildlife officers who told him it would be a while before they could get there to capture the gator.

So he decided to take care of it himself, using a rope and electrical tape to catch the gator. But the animal put up quite a fight.

"I went to pick him and he decided he was going to fight and little bit and he slapped me across my back," Wible said. "I'm just glad we got him out of harm's way and he's free to go now."

Police arrived and put the alligator in the back of one of their patrol cars and they released it back into the wild in a large body of water, away from people.

After being set free, the gator stared them all down from the water and eventually swam off.

Since the gator was found on Buddy Riley, they decided to name him "Buddy."

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