Gas prices at all-time Labor Day weekend high


AAA Texas expects some 2.4 million Texans will be hitting the road. That's more than 4 percent more than last year.

Drivers on the roads can expect to pay more at the pump, due in part to Hurricane Isaac disrupting offshore oil production.

In Houston, the average price of regular unleaded is $3.64 a gallon. That's up 30 cents from a month ago.

John Sizemore may be fueling up, but that doesn't mean he's going anywhere this holiday weekend.

"Can't afford it. Got to stay home," Sizemore said. "It's gone up quite a bit, and I'm an Exxon retiree, and it still hurts."

The national average rose to $3.83 a gallon just before the Labor Day long weekend, nudged up even higher by the disruptions of Hurricane Isaac.

"I just do. They have to pay me whatever, I have to live with it," Barry Johnson said.

A bit of consolation: Houston is below the national average. But you have to fill up once or twice a week, it certainly adds up.

"I do a lot of driving. I'm a teacher," Crystal Mills said. "I have a work program, and I have to visit my students and I notice it hits my pocket very hard when I'm doing a lot of driving during the week."

The prices, though, may have hit a peak. Experts expect the gas to get cheaper after the Labor Day holiday -- if Mother Nature cooperates.

"I'm definitely hoping no more hurricanes," Mills said.

When it comes to filling up, every penny downward in price is a welcome sight.

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