Ex-trooper accused of stalking former wife


Attorneys for Lawana Siney allege her ex-husband, former Texas trooper Kevin Safford, threatened her and was responsible for the bogus online profile. Stafford and Siney divorced in 2009.

The medical secretary from Saginaw testified Tuesday that men called her workplace and showed up at her house. Siney says the website posting invited men to walk right into her home.

Attorneys for Safford say he's innocent and suggested an ex-boyfriend of Siney might be responsible. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports Safford was a Department of Public Safety trooper for four years before surrendering his peace officer's license in 2000.

Evidence prosecutors presented Tuesday included that Safford spray-painted slut and other insults on her house and car, and sent Siney and her relatives hundreds of text messages and phone calls. At one point, the word slut was burned into her lawn with gasoline, according to testimony.

Siney's aunt and mother received phone calls threatening to harm her, according to testimony.

Her mother and aunt testified that it was Safford's voice on the phone Safford's. Prosecutors played some of the recorded calls for jurors Tuesday.

Safford's attorney elicited testimony from Siney that she initially suspected a man she dated after she and Safford divorced. But she became convinced that Safford was behind the threats, she said.

Siney told jurors the incidents began in May 2009.

Safford's trial continued Wednesday in Fort Worth.

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