Student robbed walking home from high school after bus route cut


On one end of Castlegory Street is North Shore High; on the other side about a mile away is where a student says he was robbed. A school district spokesperson says it posted the school bus route changes on its website, but some people didn't get the message and one family says that had a consequence.

Day two of class at North Shore except for a 17-year-old senior on the receiving end of a robbery, he says, as he walked home from school Monday afternoon. He asked that his face not be shown, nor his name used. He says he was surrounded by four men in their 20s.

"They were wearing black. There was two of them that came from the back that came out and one of them asked for my wallet, and they had a black bandana," he said.

He says they demanded his money. He opened his wallet and he had $15 -- his lunch money for the week -- plus gift cards inside. He was allowed to keep his wallet, but he showed us that it's empty.

For the student and his family, there is the belief that this might never have happened if they had been told the school bus route he had always taken in the afternoon had been canceled. He waited for the bus 30 minutes after school dismissed. It was then that he was told the route had been cut, so he walked home alone, only, his dad says, to be robbed.

"All I asked was for the principal to send out to all the parents -- not just the parents that ride that bus -- but all the parents that these people are out there. And it's dangerous for the kids to be out walking by themselves," said father Frank Rodriguez.

The case was reported to the sheriff's office by the student's father, who says his son will never again walk home from school. And his son says it should serve as a warning.

"Because something worse could have happened to someone else if they had the same predicament I was in," the teen said.

He was not physically harmed.

The school district says it is discussing the situation to see what might be done better next time.

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