Houston SPCA welcomes Isaac animal evacuees

August 28, 2012 10:13:40 AM PDT
While people living along the Gulf Coast pack up and head for higher ground due to Hurricane Isaac, hundreds of animals are also in need of a place to go. There are about 70 animals here at the Houston SPCA from Louisiana.

Forty-five dogs and 25 cats were transferred from the St. Bernard Parish Animal Control Center. As Isaac moves toward the coast, animal rescue workers needed to evacuate these little guys. They reached out to Houston for assistance in housing the animals, and if possible, finding homes for them.

There is one main reason why the Houston SPCA was able to take in the 70 animals now, which may not have been possible last week.

"Over the weekend we had about 170 adoptions, which is phenomenal. Lots of animals found homes, which freed up a lot of room at the shelter which gave us the opportunity to reach out, help these animals to find some great homes in the Lone Star State," said Meera Nandlal with the Houston SPCA.

Right now, workers are evaluating the evacuated animals for adoptions making sure they're microchipped, making sure they have all the proper shots and getting them on the adoption floor.

Overall, they're in good condition and despite the evacuation traffic they sat through on the ride over the dogs and cats, we are told, are friendly and playful and ready to find homes.

With hurricane season in full swing, Houston SPCA encourages animal owners to prepare themselves and their pets. For tips and checklists on disaster preparedness for your animals, visit www.houstonspca.org.