Official: Evacuees would not come to Houston


It was seven years ago when Hurricane Katrina was moving towards New Orleans. Should New Orleans evacuate this time, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett says evacuees won't be coming to Houston.

"Looking back on it you evacuated from one hurricane zone to another hurricane zone, and Rita came right at us, so we would not do that again," Emmett said.

New Orleans city plans now call for evacuees to be moved inland.

Like many Katrina survivors, watching Isaac form brings back chilling memories for Monique Walker.

"I know some people we left there who can't tell their story," she said. "Every time I hear about hurricane my body cringes."

She had six feet of water in her home when she fled to Harris County.

"Now you've got these two kids looking in your face saying, 'What now, Mom?'" she said.

Homeless and in Houston, the video business owner remembers taking videos at the Astrodome to post online.

"To look at that stadium that day, there were just bodies as far as where the players used to play," she said. "People, a sea of individuals disconnected from everything."

Walker slowly rebuilt her video company in Missouri City, one piece at a time. And, like many former New Orleans residents, she decided to stay.

"Love every day," she said. "Don't take anything for granted."

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