Man in wheelchair injured by hit-and-run driver in SW Houston


The wheelchair in the middle of busy South Post Oak near West Orem is a stark reminder of a dramatic accident. Police say a man in a wheelchair was trying to cross the street at around 1:15pm when he was hit.

"I saw the truck coming and the truck hit the guy and I started screaming, 'Stop! Please stop! You've got a man under your car,'" said eyewitness Jacquelin Pineda.

Police say the wheelchair-bound man was dragged by this white pickup truck a few blocks until a passerby pulled in front of the truck and stopped him. Witnesses say they then saw the victim tumble out from beneath the truck.

"As I was looking around, I noticed the victim roll out under the pickup truck. He was rolling until he stopped and was laying still," said witness Alfred, who did not give his last name.

The victim was quickly transported to the hospital with severe road rash. As for the driver, he has been detained by police and he will be cited at a minimum, they say, for failure to stop and render aid.

The driver of the truck told us from inside the police car that he simply didn't see the wheelchair-bound man crossing the street. The man's friends find it hard to believe.

"How could you not know someone is up underneath, the way it feels?" said LaTonya Collins, the victim's friend.

Neighbors say the man crosses the street all the time in his wheelchair.

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