Jewelry store theft caught on camera


We've all seen surveillance video at some point of thieves storming a store armed with weapons. Some robbers came into a jewelry store inside a Food Town in north Houston, but they were armed with keys.

The first suspect approaches like a window shopper, then the ring leader points out what they are after -- the top row of diamond rings, gold bracelets and gold rings.

"And then he asked me whether it's 14 carat, 10 carat or 18 carat," said owner Jacob Cho.

He didn't think much of it and returned to a client's project around the corner.

"I was sitting on my desk, and then I was repairing a watch," Cho said.

He especially didn't think they would have a universal key to jewelry showcase displays. But they did.

The man in the green plaid shirt and white baseball cap in the surveillance video reaches over the counter. He tries several different keys, but none work. He leaves, only to return 45 minutes later with a green baseball cap, and a key that works. One after the other he simply pulls the trays out and dumps them into his accomplice's bag.

"Reaching over like this and took right here, here and here," Cho said.

The suspect even takes a break and comes back for one more.

"It was locked when he tried to steal it, so I had no idea they can unlock the jewelry showcase like this," said Cho.

Cho sure hopes someone recognizes these thieves.

Right now, he keeps his gates locked even during business hours, fearing one of their accomplices might return.

"I'm kind of scared they might come back and do it again," said Cho.

He says he has owned the store for eight years and is hoping someone can provide police with a solid lead.

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