New mobile app helps students track grades


My Grades To Go was developed by software engineer Oren Feinstein and is currently available in free and paid versions on all Google-based Android devices.

With the app, there is no more searching for papers to remember what you scored on each quiz, test and homework assignment, and no more waiting for progress reports and report cards to find out how you're doing in a class. Once you enter a grade, it is stored and continually factored into your overall average.

The app is basically a grade calculator and predictor. Users can record multiple grades in a school subject and plug in the weighted percentage of each grade. The app then adds up the grades and tells you what you need to score to get an A in the course.

Feinstein, founder and CEO of Houston-based Pine Ventures technology company, says the app is perfect for all ages and grade levels from elementary school through college.

"The app is designed for students of any age and education level who want to keep track of and predict their grades," he said. "Predicting what they need to make an A is something all students do anyway, but now they can save time and let this app do it for them."

The full-version app costs only 99 cents to download, but there is also a free version called My Grades To Go Lite, which lets students track grades for a single class. Both versions are ad-free.

Feinstein said his next goal is to develop the app on the Apple iPhone.

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