Police: Grandfather terrorizes family in search of wife


Willie Cleveland Sr. first went to his daughter's home in Conroe with a shotgun around 6am Saturday. His daughter, her husband and at least two children were home at the time.

According to investigators, Cleveland believed his daughter was hiding her mother at her home.

Cleveland reportedly fired three shots at the door, blasting it open. Pellets flew through the living room and struck his seven-year-old grandson in the foot as he was sleeping on the couch.

By the time his son-in-law made it into the living room, Cleveland was gone.

But he wasn't finished yet, police said.

Investigators said the suspect then went to his mother-in-law's home in search of his wife. He repeatedly rammed his Dodge 1500 pickup into two vehicles parked in her driveway. His wife was not at that location either and he fled the scene.

Conroe police broadcast a description of Cleveland's pickup and launched a search for him.

A detective soon spotted the truck and followed it down a dead-end road. Cleveland allegedly turned around and sped back toward the patrol car, hitting it and pushing it into a ditch.

Cleveland's truck crashed through a fence and came to rest. He got out of the vehicle and began walking. Police shot him with a Taser when he refused to follow orders and get on the ground, officials said.

Police arrested Cleveland. Charges are pending against him.

Investigators said the shotgun in the front seat of Cleveland's pickup was jammed, which they believe may explain why he stopped on the third shot and left his daughter's home.

The detective involved in the accident was trapped in his patrol car and had to be rescued. He injured his elbow and hand, officials said.

The grandson injured in the shooting was treated at an area hospital.

Cleveland's family told police he physically abused his wife. She had left to find somewhere safe to stay, police said.

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