Army medic on scene during College Station shooting tells Eyewitness News his story


Four days after the shooting on Fidelity Street, police detectives still have the accused shooter's house roped off as they collect evidence. As the investigation continues, we're learning new details about the shooting from one of the first to assist the constable -- an Army medic who didn't want to speak on camera, but told Eyewitness News his story.

Because of what that man did, he has been invited to meet with the family of the deceased constable.

Cell phone video shot by Reserve Army Medic Rigo Cisneros tells only part of the story. For so many people in the historic neighborhood near Texas A&M University, it all started the same way.

But with 20 years of Army experience, Cisneros told Eyewitness News when he heard the shots, he peeked out the door and came outside just moments after Brazos County Constable Brian Bachmann had been shot by accused shooter Thomas Caffall.

Minutes before a group of officers showed up, Cisneros says he saw the suspect on the porch firing at a single officer, shooting back from behind a car.

He told Eyewitness News after what College Station police believe was about a 30-minute gun battle, he rushed to Constable Bachmann, who Cisneros says had one chest wound and was not wearing a bullet proof vest. He says he checked Bachmann's pulse and then he and another officer performed CPR together. The officer performed mouth-to-mouth while Cisneros performing chest pumps.

Cisneros says when he could do no more for the constable, he moved to the suspect, who he says had a bullet wound to his thigh, chest and through his foot. With the suspect's blood on him, the Army medic says Caffall told him to "please tell the officer I shot I'm sorry."

He told us Caffall was critically wounded when he uttered that apology. Cisneros said shortly after that he went into shock before he eventually died.

Besides Northcliffe, another innocent bystander was also shot -- Houston mother Barbara Holdsworth. At last check she is in stable condition in the hospital. Three College Station officers were wounded, but have been treated and released from the hospital.

There will be two funerals in College Station this Saturday for the two victims. Services for Constable Brian Bachmann will be held at 2pm at Reed Arena on the Texas A&M campus. The services are open to the public.

The other victim fatally shot -- 51-year-old Chris Northcliffe -- will also have a funeral on Saturday. It's at 11am at Our Savior Lutheran Church.

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