Sugar Land boy to attend first-ever White House kids dinner


The young kitchen star will dine with the first lady in the first-ever kids state dinner.

Nine-year-old Michael Lakind is preparing for a big trip just days before school starts. Chefs at the White House will be serving his two signature dishes to him, the first lady and 53 other kids from around the country.

Lakind is going to have a great story to tell when school starts. The Sugar Land boy is representing all of Texas with two dishes for the first-ever Kids State Dinner at the White House.

You could say cooking is in his blood. His mother is a chef.

"I wanted to pick things are close to me and my mom, that are more comfort food to me," Lakind said.

Lakind entered the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge back in May. Parents helped their kids create lunchtime recipes, following nutritional guidelines set by the USDA.

His Bunny Bisque and Secret Service Super Salad, won.

Now, of the 54 kids attending the White House dinner, from every state, he will be the lone Texan seated at the table with First Lady Michelle Obama.

"I got an invitation a couple of days ago from Michelle, Obama and I want her to sign that so yea, I get an autograph definitely," Lakind said.

The Bunny Bisque is what he calls a warm comfort food.

"It's carrots, vegetables, vegetable stock, ice cubes, sour cream and green onions," he said.

His spin on herb-grilled chicken salad is fit for the Secret Service. Along with spinach leaves, grilled chicken and sliced strawberries, his croutons are custom.

"We took whole wheat bread, parsley, melted butter and garlic powder and we put it in the oven for about 20 minutes in 300 degrees," Lakind said.

Now both dishes will be pleasing the pallet of the first lady just days before heads back to elementary.

"I'm gonna have plenty of good stories to tell," he said.

They plan to leave Friday to get settled in before the White House dinner on Monday night.

Lakind and the other winners will also be featured on "Nightline" on ABC13 after Eyewitness News at 10.

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