Court date reset for burglary suspect Chad Holley


Holley came to court Thursday morning and his case was reset, but his defense attorney did stop to talk with us about briefly about the case.

Defense attorney Leticia Quinones tells us both sides are still investigating the allegations. Holley was arrested for a burglary in northwest Harris County in June. He is accused of joining three other men in stealing a laptop from a home.

Holley became widely known to the public because Houston police officers were recorded on a surveillance camera hitting and kicking Holley as they arrested him in another burglary case in 2010.

Of those officers, one was acquitted of official oppression, while three more wait to stand trial. His defense attorney wants this current case to be handled separately in the eyes of all.

"Right now this case is still in the developmental stages where both sides are investigating the allegations in regards to Mr. Holley," Quinones said. "One thing that I want to say that I want to make sure that is very, very clear, and that is this -- the actions of the officers against Mr. Holley more than two years ago had nothing to do with the case that is before this court at this time. Those officers made conscious decisions more than two years ago. When they made those decisions they violated the law against Mr. Holley."

Holley's current case has been reset for mid-September, and his attorney hopes they'll be able to proceed at that time.

Three officers caught on camera beating Holley two years ago are still awaiting trial on charges of official oppression. The next trial will be in January for Raad Hassan. The first officer to go on trial, Andrew Blomberg, was acquitted earlier this year.

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