Local kids get buzz cuts to support their classmate battling brain cancer


Chance Davidson, 12, has brain cancer and lost most of his hair during chemotherapy. On Wednesday afternoon, 14 of his classmates and two coaches from St. Thomas' Episcopal School got buzz cuts. The boys organized the "Back to School Buzz-Off" to honor Chance, and it was a big surprise to him.

"I didn't have any idea that they were gonna get their heads shaved, but when we drove across I saw a lot of my friends in the store and I was like why are all these people here," said Davidson.

"I felt bad that he would be the only one with short hair in the class so I thought maybe I should put myself in his shoes," said Cadesman Brickley, who organized the Buzz-Off.

Blake Faucett got his head shaved and said, "It felt really nice and I think it's a good thing to do that for Chance."

After the buzz cuts, the kids clowned around and rubbed each other's heads.

By the way, Chance Davidson has used his hair loss as an opportunity to start building a hat collection.

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