Sugar Land installs Smart technology to traffic lights


The city has become the first in our region to install Smart technology to traffic signals along State Highway 6, Williams Trace, Sweetwater and U.S. Highway 90A. The technology allows traffic signals to automatically change their timing plans to accommodate various traffic conditions or reoccurring special events like holiday shopping traffic.

Workers installed sensors along these critical corridors to gather traffic volumes and transmit the data to signals that are pre-programmed with those timing plans.

"I love driving down Highway 6 at the speed limit and being able to go from U.S. 59 to Dulles/Austin Parkway without stopping," said Sugar Land resident Doug Earle.

The Traffic Responsive Signal System is part of the city's five-year plan to improve traffic conditions along State Highway 6. The city eventually plans to expanded the Smart technology to Dulles Avenue in the future and possibly Eldridge Road and West Airport.

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