Suspect running from police crashes into house


The suspect's car drove far into the house, hitting at least two rooms, police say.

Investigators told us this all started a few miles away on Longpoint Drive, when someone flagged down an officer about a suspect breaking into cars.

The officer followed the suspect west on Longpoint but lost him when he turned north on Antoine. Police say next thing they knew, the officer was driving past a cloud of smoke and debris as people flagged him down because the car went right into the house.

Three people were inside the house at the time -- a man and his wife, along with their 15-year-old daughter. The man was pinned between the car and a wall. He was trapped there until a tow truck moved the car enough to get him out. Neighbors jumped in to do what they could.

Police say the suspect is in custody at a local hospital. He was hurt in the crash, but we don't know the extent of his injuries. He is expected to at least face a charge of evading arrest, but more charges are possible.

The man who was pinned is in critical condition at Ben Taub Hospital. His daughter, who was hit by flying debris in a bedroom, is also recovering at a hospital.

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