Organize now for better grades this year


A place for everything, and everything in its place -- but that wasn't always the case for Houston mom Brandee Hill.

She said, "I always promised myself when the kids go back to school I'm going to organize everything. I never did. "

Her home was cluttered. And her children...

"They couldn't find the things they needed. So it took longer to do the projects. It took longer to do homework," Brandee said.

That's when professional organizer Julie Hibbs stepped in.

"The main goal, I think, of being organized for your children is you're setting them up to succeed," Hibbs said.

Hibbs says the first step Is a work station. Designate an area in your home where kids can work quietly.

She said, "When it comes to setting up your work station for the children, a key component is to make sure they're not being distracted."

Make sure school supplies are easily accessible.

HIbbs said, "We're going to use plastic boxes in these drawers. And what we've done is we've got them all sorted by categories."

Once everything is sorted, use a label maker. Kids will be able to find the tools they need and place them back where they belong. The benefits will be seen in their work.

"They are able to turn everything in on time," Brandee said. "They are neater with their work. They're not as messy as they used to be."

Next step, plan for paper flow.

"One of the biggest challenges for parents is really keeping up with the paper," HIbbs said. "The kids bring in by the truck load."

Designate at least one day a week to go through every paper that comes in. Keep what's important, and toss what isn't.

When it comes to the treasures, be selective, and put them in a keepsake box.

"Think of what your kids are going to want when they turn 20 and you turn this box over to them -- probably not a whole lot, so be discriminating. Go through it," Hibbs advised. "A memorabilia box for things that are great pieces of art, or great reports they have written."

Brandee made the changes and is looking forward to an A+ start for her and her kids.

She said, "I feel like I can spend more time going and living life instead of being in my house trying to clean and organize. It's wonderful."

You don't have to hire a professional organizer to do the entire job for you. Schedule an appointment for three to four hours and let them show you how to purge. Once you clean out the clutter in your home, it's easier to organize.

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