Two girls receive special makeovers at local salon


My Trendy Place salon on South Post Oak held a surprise makeover party for Melissa Reyna, 12, and Sarah Taylor, 10.

The girls have Alopecia Areata, which causes hair loss.

The salon owner, Lisa Amosu, said she arranged the party after receiving a letter from Melissa, who wrote that her classmates teased her because of the way she looked, and she wanted new hair so she could fit in.

"They were being bullied in school," Amosu said. "Kids were being really mean and saying a lot of derogatory things to them that kind of hurt their self-esteem."

Sarah's mom, Mia Davis, said the new hairpiece means a lot to her daughter, who is a competition cheerleader.

"Sarah's not able to actually put her hair in a ponytail and put the bows on that the other girls wear," Davis said. "Now this will allow her to be able to wear her hair up and look the same as everyone else."

The hairpieces were donated to both families at no cost to them thanks to the salon and help from friends and community members who pooled funds to help surprise the girls.

The girls also received school supplies and clothes and enjoyed a pizza party with their friends and family.

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