Houston doctor helps restore woman's vision


Now Nancy Carr can see with the help of some special glasses. Carr was guided through the door guided by her husband. Almost blind, she was hoping for something to help her see. She got it.

"Do you see the number?" Dr. Franklin Porter asked her.

"Oh God yes!" she said.

For the first time in two years, Carr could see the faces of her granddaughter and her husband Willie.

"It's amazing how pretty she is. I didn't know she's that pretty. Of course my husband's always pretty," she said jokingly.

Macular degeneration robbed her of her vision, as it has so many. But she had a Houston friend on her side.

"So many of us down here have really prayed for Nancy, that she be able to see. Nancy and I have been friends for many, many years and when I saw it on TV, I couldn't wait to call her," said Carr's friend, Nona Schrader said.

Schrader saw our story with Dr. Allan Panzer, who uses new technology to diagnose complicated vision problems. So Nancy and her family drove 1,200 miles from North Carolina for help. He sent her to the Lighthouse of Houston, where Dr. Porter fitted her with special glasses called bioptics. They take getting used to. But she could see.

"I never thought I'd see again. You've made it possible. You'll always be in my prayers and in my heart, because you're the one that made me see. Thank you," Carr said.

Nancy gave Dr. Porter a homemade pie. And she went back to thank Dr. Panzer, too.

And so the woman who had to be guided into the lighthouse of Houston, was able to walk out -- all by herself.

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