Family recalls seeing waterspout during Duck Tour


There is no missing the Duck in Galveston. The blue and yellow amphibious vehicle stands tall on the road and leaves a wake in the water.

So while baby sitting their grandkids, Lupe and Adele Leyva thought it would be the perfect adventure. Now cell phone video has made a family memory of the event they'll never forget, after a close encounter with a waterspout.

"It scared everybody ya know. There was a little girl crying and things flying all over the place, Lupe said.

Sunday morning about 10am, the Leyvas boarded. After a quick run in the water, the Duck Mobile made its way back to the road. That's when, out of nowhere, rain and winds kicked up.

"It was kind of scary and like there was rocks and water hitting me and it just felt like needles going against my leg," Haley Leyva said.

And then Chris, who has an affinity for tornadoes, whipped out his cell phone and caught this waterspout emerging next to the Duck Mobile.

And guess what? Other ABC 13 viewers in Galveston also caught waterspouts along that coast that day. They sent in at least three pictures and another video.

The driver of the Duck found out they can be dangerous.

"The hood and windshield came up and hit that driver in the face. And he started bleeding pretty bad," Lupe said.

Stephan Sollenberger, the owner of Galveston Duck Tours, says the driver's focus, though, was the passengers.

"He got a nose bleed out of it, but he did and excellent job. He got the Duck over to safety and got everybody off," Sollenberger said.

So after a waterspout and flying debris with at least one injury, when's the next Duck Tour?

"Not sure, but I would recommend for anybody to go on the Duck. It was fun," Adele said.

The owner of Galveston Duck Tours gave everyone a refund.

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