Residents band to fight apartment project in Memorial Villages area


The project is set to be built at the site of the old Vargo's Fine Restaurant, but residents tell us they want to stop it from happening.

"There are four different communities involved in this and we're going to fight," nearby resident Wendy Barnhart said.

The residents met Monday night to figure out how to fight against an apartment project that will replace the old Vargo's restaurant in the Piney Point area. A 288-unit apartment complex is going to go up where the old Vargo's building now sits.

Residents living nearby claim the apartments will bring more vehicles to an area they say already has too much traffic.

"It's gonna cause fatalities and injuries that we're gonna be sorry this was approved for the apartment development," nearby resident Rod Crosby said.

Combine the apartment project with plans for a local school adding sports fields and residents say this could create major problems for people just to get out of their neighborhoods.

"They're building a new school facility directly behind the building. There's gonna be 200-plus cars a day or children being dropped off and picked up," said Dewey Stringer, a property owner near Vargo's.

We asked Hunington Properties about residents' worries about increased traffic. The company's statement reads, "The traffic count we have doesn't represent there is a traffic issue."

"I know that it's gonna get rubber stamped once it gets to City Hall, but prior to that, we need everybody to look forward a couple of years and see what a dangerous situation this is for just the traffic," Crosby said.

A statement from Hunington properties also says that the traffic issue is something that residents should take up with the city's right of way department.

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