Jennette McCurdy gets her own show on Nickelodeon


The network has tapped McCurdy and actress Ariana Grande to star in a spinoff tentatively titled, "Sam & Cat." The series will follow the girls' characters, Sam Puckett from "iCarly" and Cat Valentine from "Victorious," as they become roommates and start a baby-sitting business.

"Sam & Cat" will be produced by Dan Schneider, who is behind Nickelodeon shows "iCarly," "Victorious," "Zoey 101" and "Drake & Josh."

"I couldn't be under a better person's wing, so I'm really happy about that decision," McCurdy said in a recent interview. "I haven't seen a script ... so I'm dying for information."

McCurdy describes taping the series finale of "iCarly" as emotional.

"The last day of shooting was really sad. There was a lot of crying and there were a lot of hugs going around. None of us wanted to say goodbye really."

Besides acting, McCurdy loves singing. She recorded a self-titled album with Capitol Records Nashville, but is no longer under contract with that label.

"I knew that I was starting this show and I needed to be focused on that," she said. "I didn't want any one thing to get too muddied with the others. Hopefully a different label will like to sign me."

She has spoken with Schneider about incorporating her music into "Sam & Cat."

McCurdy hopes that celebrities will appear on the new show, as they did on "iCarly," which included guest spots by first lady Michelle Obama, One Direction and Jane Lynch.

Who would be her ideal guest star?

"Andrew Garfield. I'm gonna marry him," she said with a laugh. "In my dreams maybe. Sorry, Emma Stone. Emma Stone was on `iCarly.' If she sees this, she's gonna kill me. Oh my goodness. No. I love him though. I love his face. I love his hair! `Andrew Garfield, I love you."'

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