Thieves swipe planters from front porches


The victims say these aren't just any potted plants. They say the thieves are targeting tall and heavy planters that are too huge for one person to move alone.

Across the Heights right now, it's a seemingly bizarre crime that has some neighbors buzzing.

"Yeah, it's really, it's kind of weird," victim Kenna Bobbinger said.

Victims like Bobbinger say what's weird is some unknown thieves are stealing large planters from people's porches and front yards.

"Yeah, we just came out one day and it was gone," Bobbinger said.

Amy Beardshall doesn't want to show her face but says the planter thieves hit her house this week too.

"They were right there on either side of the fence," she said.

Beardshall says her large decorative planters were stolen in the middle of the night.

"I think you just have to be aware or make sure that things are nailed down or wired up, so that they can't be stolen easily," she said.

Police say they've received five reports about the crime across the Heights in the last month. But neighbors have been busy on social media sites warning about a recent rash of unreported planter thefts that happened in just the last week alone.

"I've seen so many people, I'm not surprised," neighbor Graham Gemoets said.

Neighbors say they have no idea who's behind the thefts. Police say the planters from some reports are pricey, ranging anywhere from nearly $100 up to $1,000.

"Well they're expensive and the neighborhood used to be a lot more downscale and it's gone upscale very quickly. So, I'm not surprised it's a target for people looking for expensive things off people's porches or lawns," Gemoets said.

For now, neighbors here say they are being extra vigilant, watching out for anyone suspicious.

Right now police say they don't have any suspect descriptions. And another issue is they say many of the victims haven't bothered to file reports.

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