Jury convicts man of fatally shooting Katy teen


The father of the victim says the more time ticked on, the more nervous he became. But just after 4:30pm Wednesday, Olivieri, 19, showed no emotion as the verdict was read.

"They came back with the right verdict," said Robert Frisbie, whose daughter was murdered. "He's guilty. Everybody should sleep better tonight."

The teen was convicted of killing Bridgett Frisbie in April of last year.

Prosecutors told jurors the story behind the killing, that Frisbie had witnessed Olivieri commit a drive-by shooting and was afraid she would tell.

"My daughter is dead and every time I walk in the house, I think she should be there," said Robert. "I turn around and look for her."

Prosecutors relied on key testimony from the defendant's friend, who says he was there when the crime took place in a wooded area in northwest Harris County. Alan Perez told jurors he saw Olivieri shoot Frisbie from behind with a 9 mm handgun, although the defendant's lawyers said he was telling that story to protect himself.

Frisbie says his adopted daughter had already been through so much when she became a part of their family. She then lost her adoptive mother to illness, but he was watching Bridgett grow into a young woman.

"Here she was in life, making friends and talking about the things she wanted to do in the future and starting to see past those teen years and then she was gone," he said.

Once jurors reached a verdict yesterday afternoon, Olivieri returned to the courtroom.

"The guy was walking down the hallway, whistling and playing games on his cell phone," said Robert Frisbie. "He has no remorse."

Olivieri faces up to life in prison.

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