Children injured in last week's house fire still recovering


Three of the four girls remain in the hospital. They are making progress but still have an uphill battle.

Less than a week after she was rescued from a smoke-filled house, Keira Bradley is back to her old self.

"Keira's at home. She's fine, eating playing," said her mother, Kanitto Diallo.

You'd never know the six-year-old was ever in such danger, except for her audience. They're all cousins and not her beloved sisters.

"She wants to see them, she misses them," Diallo said.

Twelve-year-old Leilani and eight-year-old twins Alysia and Ariana are still in the hospital with their mother by their side

"Go back and forth between the floors all the time," Diallo said.

Diallo has spent every day there since the fire last Wednesday morning and is trying to block out any negativity about the circumstances leading up to it.

"Trying to be positive for them," she said.

Diallo says she left the girls with their grandmother, like she does every day and went to work. Her next call was a bad one. The house on Nita was on fire. The girls were hurt and their grandmother wasn't home at the time.

"I would never leave them home alone," Diallo said. "There's just a lot of questions she has to answer for me."

But those will come, she says, when the girls are on their way home. Leilani has burns on her face and hands. Ariana remains in ICU, but Alysia was just upgraded on Tuesday.

"She's up, eating and everything," Diallo said.

And Diallo is sure there will be plenty more improvements.

"We're just going to maintain positivity and pray about it. That's all we can do pray and God will take care of it," she said.

Another part of this story is the neighbor and the firefighter who got the girls out. The girls' mother says once they can, she and her daughters will thank them in person. She says firefighters told her the fire started in the kitchen, likely by something smoldering in the trash can.

It is not against Texas law to leave school age children home alone.

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