Man charged in two sexual assaults


Two separate women, according to court documents, let their guards down and accepted rides from a stranger. Police believe it was the same man who assaulted both of them, and perhaps another victim as well.

His name is Carlos Alberto Bustos. He is charged in two sexual assaults in the past nine months and may be suspected in more.

In June, Bustos, 28, was charged with raping a woman who was walking home from a nightclub on Bissonnet called Breakers back in November 2011. He offered her a ride and she accepted, according to court documents.

Quoting the investigator's statements, "Bustos became violent toward her, choking her throat with his hands ... told her he had a gun and would kill her. ... He struck her with his closed fists. ... She complied out of fear of continued assaults."

Bustos' bond was set at $100,000. He made bail, but then another charge was filed that allegedly took place the month before in May.

In that, Bustos is accused of offering a woman walking to work a ride. She accepted but instead she was taken against her will to a secluded road near a landfill off of Beltway 8 and Highway 59.

Quoting the probable cause document, "He produced a semi-automatic pistol and threatened to kill her if she did not perform sex on him."

The document goes on to state that the "officer was able to develop the identity of Carlos Alberto Bustos through his investigation of three other assaults by him involving three separate females."

A Houston Police Department spokesperson said comment is being withheld on this case because the investigation is said to be at a critical point. We do not know if that means Bustos cannot be found, but his next court appearance is scheduled for early August.

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