Senior apartment residents being targeted by criminals


Commons of Grace Senior Apartment Homes on Tidwell near Mesa is a modern complex with manicured grounds. But tenants say to look past the surface.

"Right now, I'm scared. It's not safe over here," resident Joyce Jones said.

Friday morning, a neighbor in his mid 60s who still works was attacked as he walked to his apartment.

"They robbed him [and] beat him in the head with a hammer," neighbor Ray Lennox said. "Beat him up real bad."

Police respond to calls at Commons of Grace apartments an average of seven times a month. The problems come from outside the gated community. And apparently, it's not difficult to get in. One gate, for example, was broken.

"They broke that so when you let it go, it goes and you catch it," resident Gloria King said.

There is a lot of crime but not much security, according to those who live here. Even the management office was burglarized. The master key for all the units was taken. But residents say they saw a courtesy officer for the first time Friday.

An employee at the management office had nothing to say when we asked about security concerns. That's the same response these residents say they've received, to the point some are considering getting out for their health.

"I already told the office that in no uncertain terms that if I have to move, I'll break my lease because I have to stay my safety," marilyn bynoe

Apartment management told us they have patrols in place, but would not give further information. They said the security of their residents is a top priority.

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