Back-to-school deals you can't miss


According to a recent survey, 75 percent of moms say their new school year goal is to save more money this year. And with so many promotions out there, we searched to find the best deals.

With more than four weeks left before school starts, Shante Kimble is doing things differently this year.

"Last year, I waited too late and it was a mess, so I am trying to get it done a little earlier," she said.

She's not wasting any time. At Walmart, she is eyeing all the "rollback prices" on spiral notebooks for 17 cents, crayons and colored pencils for 25 and 50 cents, and a pack of filler paper for 82 cents. Kimble thinks she's actually getting a better deal now than waiting for tax-free weekend.

"I think I spent way too much money, and even though it was last minute and on sale, I still think I spent more," Kimble said.

New this year at Walmart is an entire section devoted to items for 88 cents. There are more than 100 back-to-school items for teachers and students.

"This is most of the items that they will need at one point or another," Walmart General Manager Alberto Mondragon said.

Over at Old Navy, the store just launched their uniform sale Thursday. It is the cheapest advertised price we have seen.

"There is not a better deal," shopper Shaun Ruiz said.

Polos for boys, girls and toddlers are normally priced at $9.94 each, but right now, they are just $5. Girls and boys' khaki uniform pants are also on sale for $10 and shorts are $8.

Parents say with the deals already so great even before August, they are not going to wait until the tax-free weekend; they are going to get in on the deals now for the best selection.

"The stock goes really quickly and so we want to make sure that we get the right sizes and we don't have to run all over town," Ruiz said.

Over at Staples in the Heights, the store is known for its weekly penny deals like the one-cent pack of index cards. But they have several other promotions like their binder buyback program, where anyone can bring in any old binder and you'll get $2 off a new one.

"I have a lot of binders at home. Every year we need new ones," shopper Teresa Squires said.

Another promo Staples has launched is a back to school savings pass, which is good now until September 15. You'll have to pay $10 for the card but...

"You get 15 percent off for all your back-to-school needs and office supplies needs, so it benefits the students and also our everyday customer," said Staples employee Sop Kim.

The Old Navy deals lasts until August 15, so you still have plenty of time to make your way over there. The penny deals over at Staples change week to week. There are limits and it's while supplies last.

Most of the items we found -- the school uniforms from Old Navy and even the penny deals from Staples -- are available for online purchase. Some of the Walmart deals, like the composition books for 50 cents, were not available to buy online.

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