Thieves target soldiers' cars during training


"Looks like they took out the seats and a few other things," said Capt. Dagmar Murillo.

It wasn't exactly the welcome home Capt. Murillo expected. His Honda sports car was torn apart by vandals, who literally yanked both seats out of his car.

"Looks like they were scoping the vehicle out and saw some nice seats, and said, 'Hey, I'm going to take it,'" Capt. Murillo told Eyewitness News.

He is a member of the 72nd Infantry brigade of the Army National Guard. Last week, members parked their cars at the National Guard Armory lot and headed out to their annual two week summer training. But sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning, the vandals hit.

"Sometime in the night, a group of persons come through here. To hit 36 cars without being noticed, it has to be a group of persons," said Master Sgt. Charles Wheeler.

He says the vandals definitely knew what they were doing. They targeted Honda cars and GMC trucks, and took only specific parts. Houston police are investigating, but so far there are no suspects.

"They left a lot of items that we think a normal thief would take. We had soldiers who left behind cameras, and GPS," said Master Sgt. Wheeler.

Glass and car parts now litter the parking lot. Soldiers whose cars were hit have all been notified. Most already took their cars for repairs, but it took Capt. Murillo a little longer. His car is not drivable, but the seats, with insurance, will get replaced.

"A little bit angry. Life throws you a lot of things, but you have to take it in stride," he said.

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