Red light refunds for drivers in The Woodlands


Redflex is the largest provider of red light systems in the US, and because of a technicality in a contract, the big company is now cutting a big check to some local drivers.

It appears that a big oops is putting cash back into drivers' pockets in The Woodlands. The issue is that the red light cameras, activated March 29, were not supposed to be in use until a traffic study had been conducted. So Redflex, the Phoenix company that operates the cameras, is now paying $200,000 in fines back to motorists, something drivers here applaud.

Driver Ram Vasquez said, "Heck, yeah, where's my refund? Give it to me!"

The deal was part of a contract between Redflex and The Woodlands. The cameras were turned off in late June when Precinct 3 Constable Tim Holifield noticed the study was missing or may never have even happened.

The locations of the cameras in question all cross the Woodlands Parkway, a main artery through this area.

Redflex tells Eyewitness News there was no malfunction of any equipment and that it is not responsible for the study, saying each municipality does its own. Study or no study, drivers tell us they are happy to see the cameras turned off and they wish the move was permanent.

"I don't think they should be operational at all," said motorist Cody Britton. "I think that people run red lights and it causes accidents, but the camera flash causes accidents, too. It distracts drivers."

While Redflex is giving the money to Montgomery County, the county is responsible for distributing the checks that will be sent to drivers who were affected between March 29 and June 27 at those five intersections. It does not affect the five other cameras in the area.

We have reached out to the Precinct 3 constable and commissioner and are awaiting their comments.

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