Teen suspected of killing sister in Mont. Co.


Despite those injuries, 19-year-old Jordan Boijseauneau is expected to survive and face a murder charge, possibly even capital murder.

By late Tuesday night, detectives had wrapped up processing the crime scene at the home in the 24200 block of Marshburn. They tell us it was gruesome and obvious the siblings had been fighting throughout much of the house until she couldn't fight anymore.

Family members and friends sat for hours visibly distraught and shocked. Among them, were a mother and father who had lost a daughter allegedly at the hands of their son.

"Hard to believe he could do something like this," neighbor Leon Warr said.

Montgomery County sheriff's deputies responded to the rural home around 12:30pm. Just inside the door, they found 17-year-old Stephanie Boijseauneau beaten to death and eventually found her brother hiding in the closet. Investigators say he had stabbed himself and had taken some pills.

"He's not cooperating, he was very lethargic," Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Lt. Bill Bucks said.

Deputies were called to the scene when the brother's 15-year-old girlfriend got away to call for help. She had been tied up in the back bedroom with duct tape, managed to cut herself free and get to a neighbor's house. Investigators believe it all started as an argument between the siblings but the girlfriend wasn't specific, at least not right away.

"I'm under the impression she has a better idea over what she's told us at this point," Bucks aid.

The front page of Boijseauneau's Facebook page shows a happy couple, although we have learned the recent high school graduate was charged in May with sex assault of a child between 14 and 17. Detectives are also looking into reports about a previous suicide attempt.

Next door, Warr tells us Boijseauneau was respectful, seemed stable and his parents kept to themselves.

"I feel for them. We lost a son years ago, we know what it feels like so we wish the best for them," he said.

Detectives say the three teens were the only ones home at the time of the murder. There have been no previous reports of family violence at the address.

Boijseauneau was out on bond for that sex assault of a child charge out of Harris County. He now faces a murder charge in the death of his sister.

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