Starting today, expedited security offered at Bush IAH


By now we are all familiar with the security routine -- take off your shoes and belts and wait, wait, wait to get through the security lines. Now some travelers will not have to do that.

Waiting in the security line at the airport can be a time consuming hassle.

"It's 30 minutes on a good day," said frequent flier Ron Hilton.

But now Ron, and other fliers who have been approved to use the TSA pre-check system can sail through security in no time at all.

He said, "This took me about 30 seconds, so it saves me 20 minutes every time I go through the airport."

Bush Intercontinental Airport is the 19th in the nation to set up TSA pre-check lines. Right now only frequent fliers invited by the airlines to participate and people in the Global Entry Program can use the new lines. The TSA says those travelers are already well known.

"Where they go to, how much they travel, what kinds of places they go to -- with Global Entry members, those in Global Entry have gone through a very extensive application process, plus you have to go through an interview, plus there is a background check involved," explained TSA spokesperson Ann Testa.

There is also a cost -- $100 for five years on the pre-check list. That leaves many travelers who still have to go through the regular screening process.

The Srubar family can't wait until they are able to join the faster screening process.

"They have to check her bottle and break the stroller down, so yeah, if we could avoid some of that that would be good," said traveler Tara Sruber.

"To be able to pay $100 dollars to be able to just go straight through the line, yeah that would be great, especially for people who travel with families or the business people who travel all the time," said traveler Aaron Srubar.

Those in the pre-check program do not have to remove shoes and belts and or take laptops out of bags. And they go through a metal detector rather than a body scanner.

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