Recent rains prompt counties to spray for mosquitoes


We followed one small group of trucks as they tried to cover hundreds of square miles of Fort Bend County. And residents tell us their main concerns about mosquitoes.

Brian Culpepper drives one of the four trucks Fort Bend County has to spray for mosquitoes around the county's 886 square miles. With the recent rains, most counties across our area are also running their nighttime spray operations.

"Usually when they call, they'll say we've got mosquitoes in the back yard just tearing us up," he said. "What we do is we go out to the homes the residences and do like a survey of their yard."

Mission Bend resident Kathy Campbell is out enjoying the park but is worried about what mosquitoes can spread, the potentially deadly West Nile virus.

"I am concerned about that. Thusfar, I haven't had a problem in this neighborhood but you never know; we're not immune to anything," she said.

Residents are relieved to see the trucks rolling after the recent rains and not waiting to tackle the onslaught of mosquitoes.

"Monday or Tuesday night we received lot of rain and I noticed that they were spraying right after that so I think that's helped out our neighborhood quite a bit," Campbell said.

Culpepper says that whether rain or shine, he and his co workers will be out at night fighting the flying pests.

"It doesn't matter the weather, hot wet. This is Texas, we're gonna always have mosquitoes," Culpepper said.

Harris County Mosquito Control urges people to use an insect repellent to reduce exposure to mosquito bites. Homeowners are also urged to get rid of standing water on their property that mosquitoes can use to breed.

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