Mayor Parker makes appearance on 'Colbert Report'


Stephen Colbert's interview with Mayor Parker was more like a public relations boost than the typical Colbert comedic skit. They talked briefly about what Colbert called Houston's impressive accomplishments during the nation's economic crisis.

Mayor Parker: We're a very livable city.
Stephen Colbert: Livable? Really? It's my understanding that you have the heat of Texas and the humidity of New Orleans.
Parker: We have jobs.
Colbert: Jobs and air conditioning. That takes care of everything.
Parker: We're a foodie town, an arts town, a sports town, a theater town. Anything you want in a big city you have in Houston. plus you have a good quality of life. We're affordable and we have jobs.

The host also questioned her about being the first openly gay mayor of a major city.

Colbert: Do you have a partner?
Parker: I do.
Colbert: What is she called?
Parker: Well, I call her Kathy.
Colbert: OK. That's the official term?
Parker: Well, the official term is First Lady. We've been together 21 years.

The mayor went on to talk about some of our city's traditions, like riding horses to the Houston Rodeo every year and she encouraged everyone to come give Houston a try.

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