Boy, 5, wants to be American Motocross champion


He's not even big enough yet to start a bike himself, but once you get Lane on the track, it's difficult to stop him.

"That's all he wants to do is ride dirt bikes," said Lane's father Nathan Nalesnik.

Lane started riding when he was just three years old, when training wheels kept him from falling. Lots of practice with dad and two years later, and now he's competing amongst kids as much as two years older than he is around the state of Texas. He's considered among the top 30 pint-sized motocross riders in the country.

Kevin Russell with M&C MX Park said, "Man, Lane is exciting. He's a competitor, man."

Those who watch him say he's a natural. When we asked Lane what's the hardest part of racing he answered simply, "Nothing."

He's naturally soft spoken and says racing comes easy for him. From the moment he suits up he appears stone faced, reserved, all business until the second the gate drops. Then the race is on.

"He is really focused," Nathan said. "He actually does this thing where he sticks his tongue out. He is really 110 percent focused."

The five-year-old from Katy just qualified to compete in nationals.

Lane's mother Alyssa Smith said, "I brag about him all the time. It's just one of those things. He's awesome."

Lane, though, is very much still a five-year-old. His favorite food is pepperoni pizza. But before a race, he says it must be a breakfast of champions -- pancakes. And with that belly full of a short stack, this small fry intends to show the big kids how it's done.

Nationals are set for July 29 through August 4 in Tennessee.

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