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In September the Disney Magic cruise ship will set sail from Galveston, offering seven-night trips to Mexico. So what's it like on board?

The Magic leaves from Galveston, stops in Grand Cayman. While there you can hike through a woodland reserve, or tour the historic Pedro's Castle, or even send a postcard from seaside village named, Hell.

The cruise then heads to Costa Maya, Mexico, where you can visit the Mayan ruins that are more than 1,700 years old, and then sail on to Cozumel, for some world-class snorkeling and scuba diving.

But what about those times between the destinations?

On the Magic, the fun starts right away and nothing puts smile on your face like being announced. The cruise sets sail with a pirate party that wraps up with fireworks. Disney is the only cruise line cleared to light up the night with fireworks.

As you might imagine, this is a kid-friendly cruise. There are several age-appropriate areas just for them. Parents can tag along or drop their kids off. Kids are kept connected with their parents by the Mickey band.

"We give them the Mickey band that we do scan in when they come into the space and that means they are checked into our care and we have a gate that they have to walk through that is secured at all times and councilors are always at the desk checking in and checking out," said Cassandra Pieri with Youth Activities.

If you choose, tweens can come and go as they please from the edge.

There are areas just for teens and young adults too but parents are not an afterthought.

In the spa, you can get a message for two that includes private hot tub and verandah for watching the sun set and your inner peace stays in place at the parents-only pool. You'll also find adult clubs randing from a piano bar to a night club.

The big question people have is how much will this cost me? Prices start at $3,200 for a family of four for the week.
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