Man, teen found dead in Kingwood home


At about 1:30pm today, Montgomery County Sheriff's deputies were called to a home in the 21000 block of Rose Mill at Swan Fountain on the northeast side of Kingwood. Two people were found dead in the home.

Officials tell Eyewitness News the victims are a 15-year-old girl and a 43-year-old man. The cause of death is not immediately apparent, but officials say no foul play is suspected, and narcotics were found in the home.

"There are some narcotics on location," said Lt. Bill Bucks with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. "It's unknown to us if that's involved in the death or not. But there are no signs of foul play at this point."

The father of the man who died says he came to the home looking for his son after he failed to show up for work Wednesday morning.

"So I figured he was just sleeping. I left it at that and drove off. Later on my daughter came back with her daughter and found him passed away," explained Norman Armstrong. "I was trying to get him away from the alcohol, and he'd been pretty clean there for the past month. We've been watching pretty close and telling him that he wasn't allowed to drink, especially at work."

The victims' identities have not been released. Their relationship has not been confirmed. Autopsies have been scheduled.

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