Police: Car wash worker stole customer's gas card from car, charged $78K to it


According to court records, the victim is an oil company executive who noticed on June 25 that his corporate gas card was missing and that more than $78,000 had been fraudulently charged over the course of three weeks. He says he rarely uses the card which is why he did not immediately notice it was missing.

Investigators say the man went to a car wash in the 3100 block of Kirby Drive on May 31 and that the first fraudulent charge was made that evening at a gas station just two blocks away. They observed surveillance video at the car wash and say the manager there told them three of his employees had access to the victim's car, but that two of them were still at work at the time the first fraudulent charge was made that same day.

The third employee, Terence Leandrae Cadoree, could be seen on the video "manipulating something near the center console of the defendant's vehicle," investigators say, which is where the victim kept his gas card.

Court records state that Cadoree could be seen leaving work at the car wash about 20 minutes before the first fraudulent charge in a distinct maroon Buick and that same car was observed on surveillance video at the gas station at the exact time the fraudulent charge was made. Investigators say the license plate on the car is registered in Cadoree's name, and that his car was observed on surveillance at the same gas station at the same time the card was fraudulently used again.

Cadoree, 37, is charged with credit/debit card abuse.

Court records show Cadoree has prior convictions for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle in 2001 and arson in 2010.

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