Thousands celebrate the Fourth downtown


The gates to Eleanor Tinsley Park opened just after 4pm and the festivities began soon after. Country music artists Billy Currington and Sara Evans will took the stage along with more than 30 other performances and then the night ended with a big bang -- a fireworks display.

For 20 minutes, color filled the sky.

"Beautiful weather. I'm actually having a breeze here underneath the tree," said Deandra Davis, who recently moved to Houston.

And whether it's their first time here at Freedom over Texas or an annual tradition, they find something new each time.

"Every year I'm here to celebrate the same beautiful fireworks, yes," Houstonian Pedro Rivas said.

There was music from every decade and genre on almost a half dozen stages that left them dancing and toe tapping along Allen Parkway.

"We're just having a good time right now. We thought it was going to be too hot, then we thought it was going to be rained out, but I'm excited," Houstonian Kanita Hilliars said.

And this fan is just here to see his dad play.

"What I like best is about the music and having fun and all the things that you have to do," Lawrence Turner said.

While the sun beat down when the gates opened, there was plenty of shade as the evening went on.

"The weather turned out good so it wasn't too bad," Houstonian Kaylee Janca said.

"It's convenient, especially if you live this close. We walked here, we live down the street," Houstonian Michael Haas said.

Many felt the evening wait was worth it, and they'll be back again.

"It's absolutely perfect. We're trying to remember this spot so we can sit here again," Houstonian Lee Van Horn said.

"It's great. The weather has gotten fantastic. It was raining earlier a little bit and drizzling then the winds picked up," Houstonian Jerry Van Horn said.

Usually, we meet a lot of people who say the event is an annual tradition for their family, but this year, we met a lot of people who said this was their first time to attend.

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