City council passes strip club 'pole tax' aimed to help reduce rape kit backlog

Every patron who enters a Houston area strip club will have to pay a $5 fee which will be used to pay for the testing of thousands of backlogged HPD rape kits

June 27, 2012 8:58:41 AM PDT
Houston City Council passed a so-called 'pole tax' aimed at reducing the backlog of Houston Police Department rape kits.

On Wednesday morning, council passed the $5 fee per customer at local strip clubs. The proposal passed 14-1, with only Council Member Brown voting no. The money will be used to pay for testing of the thousands of backlogged rape kits at HPD

The fee was proposed by Council Member Ellen Cohen, who passed a similar bill when she served in the state legislature.

Lawyers for some sexual oriented businesses told Eyewitness News they feel it is unfair to single out one business group to pay for the rape kit testing and that they plan to file a lawsuit.