Police: Suspect killed after chaotic shooting spree


It all started at about 9am at the Wilshire Place apartment complex on Hollister near West Little York, and came to a crashing end a short distance away. The shooting chaos ended at Highway 290 and Hollister. Police spent the better part of the day investigating the multiple scenes.

Eyewitnesses describe what happened in the area earlier as violent and crazy.

Eyewitness Marianne Chernau said, "It was just like going crazy shooting people."

Investigators say an unidentified gunman went on a shooting spree, attacking a security guard, a maintenance man and an innocent bystander moments after the guard asked him to leave the property over a disagreement.

"Had it been 30 seconds sooner, I would have been one of the people that were shot," Chernau said.

Frightened tenants called 911, telling police the gunman was walking toward a different apartment complex. That's where police say the man carjacked a woman, stealing her blue SUV. They say he fired several shots at police who tried stopping him.

"We are very lucky that officers were not killed. Officers, plural, that's how dangerous this situation was," said HPD spokesperson John Cannon.

Police say the gunman fired dozens of rounds on at least six policemen, in at least five different locations.

Cannon said, "Our officers say the guy wasn't going high speed. He was just crazy. He kept stopping and throwing his car in reverse and firing shots at everything and everybody that moved."

The pursuit ended at Highway 290 and Hollister. Police say the gunman crashed into several vehicles stopped at a red light.

"I saw him coming, so I tried to get over to the right as far as I can, and then he just took out all these people right here," said eyewitness Stacy Irelene.

At least five motorists had to be rushed to the hospital. Police say the gunman suffered one bullet wound. He was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after being handcuffed.

Police say the security guard and maintenance man have gone through surgery and are expected to be OK. The injured motorists are being treated at two local hospitals. Their conditions vary. No officers were injured.

A police investigation remains underway.

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