Megabus offers rides for just $1


What if I told you for just two dollars you could get a round trip bus ticket to places like San Antonio, Dallas, even New Orleans. So what's the catch? We hopped aboard the megabus to find out.

In town less than a week, the double decker Megabus is booking up. Passengers are paying $1 each way to go from Houston to Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, even New Orleans.

We checked with Greyhound and their bus fares are normally anywhere from $20 to $150 round trip for the same stops.

So when some passengers heard about the Megabus they wondered if it was too good to be true.

One passenger said, "I was thinking maybe it's not true, what kind of bus are we getting on? Is there no air conditioner or what?"

We found free wifi, along with electrical sockets. Passengers say they found the bus to be clean and spacious.

But there are no bus terminals. The Megabus picks you up in a designated parking lot. That means you'll be waiting outside.

"We're basically loading just off the street," said Megabus spokesperson Colm Lynch. "That's one of the things that saves Megabus an awful lot of money. We don't have to pay the lease to rent all of those facilities. If you are willing to forego those types of amenities you'll get a smashing fare."

Next catch -- those $1 fares are not for every seat on every route. So you better act fast.

Lynch said, "Not all seats will be at a dollar all the time. When things settle down they will slowly increase in price. They will be generally more expensive during the weekends and during the holidays."

Depending on the day and time of year, the Mega bus price could go up to around $20 each way.

Megabus says prices are non-negotiable, but there will always be at least one seat for $1 on each bus trip, and it's first come first serve. You are allowed only one bag, but you can bring food and drink. You can reserve your seat online or call and make a reservation.

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