Suspected copper thief leads police on chase in stolen car

A chase suspect was taken into custody after leading police on a chase overnight.

June 21, 2012 9:36:27 AM PDT
Police say a crime spree by a copper thief is over after he was tracked down in a stolen KIA.

The chase ended on Memorial Drive just west of Dairy Ashford at 3am. We caught part of the short chase on our Houston Transtar JamCams as it went from the Beltway to the Katy Freeway and onto Memorial.

The driver suddenly stopped and was arrested while trying to make a run for it. Somehow, he hurt his head and had to get bandaged up before being hauled off downtown.

Police say he's been up to no good for days.

"They saw a suspicious Hispanic male driving an SUV, stealing silver caps off the water sprinklers -- brass caps -- I guess to to pawn," said officer Dennis Gonzales with the Houston Police Department.

The stolen vehicle was returned to the owners who had the vehicle stolen at an Exxon along the West Beltway.