Insurance questions follow damaging storms


Some problems left behind by the storm are clearly going to be insurance claims, but in some cases the damage is not enough to file a claim.

Resident William Moers recalled, "We are just sitting there and the storm is going and BAM, like nothing, it was like a truck hit the house."

The tree that now sits on William's roof caused enough damage for an insurance claim, but meeting the deductible won't be easy.

"They want $3,500 for the deductible and we are broke," he said.

Across the street winds knocked down trees, pieces of the fence and left a hole in the roof. Contractors who've looked at the damage say this, too, will be covered by insurance, but it will likely just be patched.

Abner Jauregui with AJ's Roofing said, "Sometimes the insurance company will just replace what is bad -- a tree, a limb, they may not replace the whole roof."

Jauregui says he's gotten dozens of calls from homeowners from Conroe to Cypresswood. He says not all of the damage will be greater than the homeowners' deductibles.

Even so, insurance agents say homeowners with damage should find out what their deductible is and call their insurance company for an estimate on the damage anyway.

Houston independent insurance agent Scott West advised, "They should call their agent, and say have someone come out and look at the loss and let me know if I have got something I should report as far as the amount of damage and collect some of my insurance for."

We have seen fence damage as well, but repairing the fence may not meet the cost of a deductible.

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